Moodle for teaching foreign languages


The IIK operates since 2003 a separate Moodle learning environment for German classes.

In addition to Moodle courses and self-learning materials for our students and for teaching German in Dusseldorf and Berlin the platform also serves in-service training for our own teachers and is also used for European projects like Moodle Online-Lehrerfortbildungsmodule  IDIAL-Project for teaching materials for teachers of foreign languages.

In the field of in-service training for teachers of German and other foreign languages the IIK offers a special type of training. At the end of July and beginning of August the basic use of the learning platform is focused and all participants always have their own PC for development of their own projects. During the week all participants learn also advanced features like use of audio and video material and production of audio material with an integrated audio recorder. At the end of the week all participants have their own tailor-made Moodle course.

All participants can still use the learning environment at least 3 months after the end of training, both the learning platform Moodle and the Mahara e-portfolio software, on request also longer.