Method Training Business German

Method Training Business German [07FWa53]
20. - 24. July 2020

Teaching ideas and concepts of current issues of Vocational GFL teaching and language teaching for special purposes.

One focus in the training programs of the IIK for many years is the area vocational-oriented learning German. With the Forum Wirtschaftsdeutsch, the Kommentierten Webliographie and the accompanied Newsletter Business German the IIK provided since 1997 own teaching and learning material online. Our training offers practice-orientated workshops, ideas for creative lessons, visits of companies and integration of all topics in the daily teaching practice. Our one-week training in July is aimed for colleagues from the fields of professional and technical German language teachning, but also for teachers of GFL. At interest you can book a week-long workshop on the training methods GFL also directly afterwards. Both seminars are available in combination at a reduced price.

An even closer look on details of the program of this training allows you the following schedule for 2020 (only available in German)

Daily Program Method Training Business German 20th - 24th July 2020 (download as PDF)

Methodentraining fach- und berufsbezogenes Deutsch 2020