Moodle & Co for language teaching

Learning Management System Moodle for language teaching. GINCO AWARD as European best practice teacher training [08FIb51]
03.08. - 07.08.2019

New Media training for teachers of German and other languages.

Presentation of the free learning platform Moodle and examples of other modular additions with Web 2.0 applications for building an Internet-based teaching and learning environment.
Creating and setting of multimedia exercises ( with audio and video materials ) in a learning platform using authoring software.
Introduction to the use of podcasts for teaching foreign languages and conceptual design of an own Moodle course for teaching languages.
Use of free software for recording and editing digital audio materials. Use of free software to download video material on the Internet.
All participants work during the whole workshop on their own PC . Partial support of tutors at individual sites by more than ten participants.

An even closer look at the concept of this training allows you a look at the program of 2020 (only available in German)

Daily Program Learning Management System Moodle for language teaching August 2020.

Daily program Fortbildung Moodle & Co für den Fremdsprachenunterricht 2020