Method Training GfL July 2018

Method Training German as a Foreign Language July 2018 [07FDc55]
23. - 27.07.2018

Workshops on creative teaching ideas and action-oriented work and project-oriented work phases.

Workshops on creative lesson planning, methods of action-oriented work and advice for short-term teaching plans, for example for representing hours. Concepts for in practice teaching projects approved material and lessons for cooperative learning with and without Internet, for playful mediation of grammar and other skills. In this workshop concrete teaching material will be presented and can be adopted to own classroom needs.

An even closer look at the detailed issues of this training allows you a look at the lesson schedule for 2017 (it will be nearly the same program in 2018)

Program Method Training German as a Foreign Language July 2017 (download as PDF)

Methodentraining fach- und berufsbezogenes Deutsch 2017