Tablets, Apps and Web 2.0 for German lessons

Tablets, Apps and Web 2.0 in German lessons. GINCO AWARD as best practice in-service training for European teachers.
[08FIa52] 06.08. - 10.08.2018
[08FIa52] 24.09. - 28.09.2018

German web teaching resources, Apps and Web 2.0 applications for teaching purposes, use of tablets and teaching projects with audio and video material.

Current GFL-Resources on the web. Getting to know and use blogs, search strategies for teaching resources, tips and tricks for material transfer from the web, examples for digital classroom projects and ideas how to organize blended learning in your own courses.


Workshop to create your own audio and video blogs with project design of your own courses. Introduction to creating interactive online exercises with analysis and integrated audio and video materials.

Every teacher will have an own PC available during the whole workshop. Partly accompanied by tutors on workshop phases at more than ten participants.

An even closer look at concept of this training allows you a look on the program from 2017 (it will be structural nearly the same then in 2018)

Detailed program Tablets, Apps and Web 2.0 in German lessons August 2017 and September 2017.

Programm E-learning und Web 2.0 im Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache August 2017