How to apply

Deadline application round 2020:
11 February 2020

You can download here the original application form of 2019. The application form 2019 is completely online available on the Erasmus+ Application center. Please notice, that there are different forms for school education and for adult education. We give you also tips on how this application must be successfully completed and then submitted online to your National Agency:

You can download here the original application form of 2018:

IMPORTANT: This PDF application may work only in Adobe Reader, please do not open in the browser. Please save and then open it in Adobe Reader.

Information sheets for a succesful application

We provide you here with some helpful information about your application.

The scholarships include a grant for travel costs, subsistence costs of accommodation and meals, the course fee (max. 70 EUR/day) and also an additional fee for organization costs of the school (350 EUR/each training). The school receives for 1-2 years, depending on the application, the full funding requested for all trainings and then pay their staff the necessary funding for their trainings abroad. You need when applying NOT specify to which training teachers shall travel, only the destination countries must be specified.

To make a successful application, the school or institution shall provide a European development plan as and why the planned training activities help the school to enhance their lessons better and possibly enhanced European perspective into the classroom.

The following two documents are examples of the 2015 KA1 application forms, one for schools, the other for adult education. You will find extensive explanations for every field of the forms. So you only have to follow these explanations and adapt the descriptions to your specific situation:

Please look for a better understanding of the applications our

Of course, you can look directly at the IIK pages by training and educational programs for teachers of German as a foreign language:

You can also register already for all trainings of IIK Dusseldorf, but do not need to make any payments and you can pay the course fees and accommodation fees only if you or your school have actually received a scholarship.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Rüdiger Riechert, director of the training area at IIK Dusseldorf. He will be happy to provide individual support for all questions relating to our trainings and Erasmus +: Contact - email message